1. Rainpal is so flexible enabling fitment to all visors or your money can be refunded.

2. Two attachment options:

ADHESIVE STRIP - A neat attractive 1.2 cm strong adhesive strip attachment system like No Nails adhesive providing an extremely strong bond where the adhesive strip is covered with a slim mounting plate finished in either black or white to match the Rainpal colour you order and only measuring 0.3 cm front to back would remain in place at the top edge of the visor. As most visor sit about 1 cm higher than the aperture you will only lose about 0.3 cm of top vision, nothing to be concerned about. Rainpal measuring 1.3cm by 1.3 cm can then be attached/detached with your upper vision being hardly affected. You can then attach your Rainpal to this mounting when it rains or leave Rainpal on continously and detach the wiper with the one click detachment system. The adhesive strip and mount can be removed with heat for example with a hair dryer if you want to use Rainpal on another visor. 2 strips and mounts will be supplied so you can use Rainpal on two visors/helmets, extra sets can be purchased separately. This method you can lift your visor at any speed.

CLIPS - Rainpal cannot detach from your helmet with it's Fail-safe inner suction cups as the cups sit inside the visor and therefore cannot be pulled through when the visor is closed. When open the 3 suction cups provide grip up to 25kmh The seal of your visor will NOT be broken and therefore no rain, or wind should enter as our clips are only 1mm thin and this will be absorbed by the rubber rim on the helmet. 

3. Water spray to wash your visor, the jet is offset to the left of centre so as not to detract from the rider's central vision. The water sprays right away but there will be a 1 second delay for the wiper in order for the water to spread. Easy to see in the drizzle with Rainpal and Rainpal is also extremely effective in giving you excellent clear vision on salted roads in cold conditions. Rainpal has an internal water reservoir and a connection for a large external reservoir (sold separately)

4. Drastically reduced fogging/misting of the visor as the colder rain is wiped away. How? Fogging is caused by the temperature difference and humidity on the inner surface of the visor as the rain is normally colder on the outside as it has fallen from higher cooler atmospheric levels especially compared to the warmer more humid air inside a visor which is being warmed by the wearer's breath and face both producing heat and the breath humidity. When rain sits on the outside of the visor the warm humid air inside the visor hits these colder areas under the rain drops producing condensation which forms fogging a bit like on a bus in winter as there are many people breathing and creating warmth. Rainpal removes rain quickly therefore reducing fogging.

5. If your visor is clean and wet there should be no scratching but as an added confidence booster we ship a Free Tear Off so guaranteed no scratching

6. Swappable battery packs and spare wipers available

7. Adjustable wiper speed

8. Delay wipe

9. Easily fits and detaches in about 2 seconds

10. Wireless controls via a watch strap like system to fit different diameter steering

11. Can be used with Pinlocks

12. Lightweight at 150g about 8% of the weight of an average helmet

13. Small size at only 1.3cms in width and height therefore negligible drag

14. Soft inner rubber compresing cushions prevent any vibration, rattle noise

15. Air gaps between cushions so negligible drag or uplift

16. Elastic drive as opposed to metal belt for vibration, rattle, noise free use

17. A massive 140 degress of cleared vision

18. Less glare from car headlights and/or street lights in the rain at night

19. No more frozen rain covering on the visor when riding in freezing mist

20. Less freezing cold air blowing in your face by lifting your visor to clear the fogging/misting in cold climates

21. No more dry face and potential aging from freezing cold air

 in cold climates

22. Extensively tested up to 160kmh in Ansys (Ansys.com)

23. On-board or wireless controls (subject to which model)

24. Illuminating LEDS by each clamp for easy night time fitment

25. Fluorescent coating on controls for night time use

26. Swappable battery pack each battery having 90 minutes of charge in continuous wipe and much longer with a small delay wipe, eg 180 minutes with a 2 second delay wipe. Rainpal can be charged at the office via USB for the journey home, or even on-board if your bike has a USB

27. Hard carry case included for on bike storage

28. Wipers and battery packs sold separately

29. 2 years fully comprehensive warranty