The Rainpal team are based just outside of London where it often rains. 

I was riding my motorcycle and could not see in the rain, my girlfriend put her hand like a cap over my visor but as soon as we went forward it did not work. I couldn't tell her that but I thought with all the tecnology around with airbags in cars etc there must be a way motorcyclists can see clearly in the rain especially at low speeds, in drizzle, with lorry spray etc. This is 2016 after all.

It's about time someone helped motorcyclists that someone is myself Adam Aarons and the design, development, sales and matketing teams. We introduce Rainpal, a unique, Patent Pending, stylish motorcycle helmet accessory, designed to effortlessly wipe away the rain, with maximum efficiency and minimum effort.

There seems to be some confusion with an earlier campaign of Rainpal on Indiegogo. We soon realised that this first model of Rainpal designed in India was too bulky and approached several designers here in the UK and one designer has far superior technology so is able to shrink Rainpal down to 1.3cm by 1.3cm and additionally we completed more market research, for example we added a water spray which is very popular. The head of design handed me a motor about the size of a thumb nail which had a gear attached and said to me try and stop it turning, I could not plenty of torque to move the wiper whilst riding at high speed for sure.

Some of you think that our earlier Indiegogo campaign is suspicious not ONE INVESTOR LOST A SINGLE PENNY, every penny was refunded to every investor, the Paypal account we use is the same Paypal account we took payments with Indiegogo for that campaign and we are told by Paypal that we are in the top 10% of users with them that's why you will not see any posts online about anyone losing money as it did not happen. Honesty is key with Rainpal.

We choose Fundrazr over Indiegogo as they have instant messaging, plus very fast response times for queries where as Indiegogo often only have auto responders to their email, no instant messaging, no method of fast communication and only email which they took several days to answer in many cases. Not the way we like to do business.

I spent my early career in investment banking in London as a trader and then over 20 years recruiting for the investment banks where I am very well known having personally placed very senior investment bankers in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Singapore and Hong Kong including the second youngest ever Managing Director for Merrill Lynch in London.

Our journey so far has been really exciting. Our idea to cure the stress and safety issues of struggling to ride with a rain soaked visor is now complete. Our light weight, effective and tested Rainpal. There has never been the option of clearer vision in the rain. 

It is so simple and quick to fit all curved Full Face, Flip, Bandit and Open visors Rainpal is sleek at less than 1.3cms in height and width. Should Rainpal not fit your visor we will fully refund you.                      

We can't stop it raining but Rainpal can produce for you the same clear vision as you have when driving a car (with the wipers on) by using Rainpal especially in slow city driving conditions, in drizzle etc far clearer vison than rain repellents acheive, any where in the world where it rains which is most places where people live.

Drizzle and spray from trucks will be much less of a problem now with an integrated water spray and wiper for less strained eyes which if strained too much may lead to earlier deterioration of your eyesight and often producing a headache, tiredness from the additional concentration of not being able to see clearly. All these are reduced with Rainpal.

Rainpal provides more safety than any other visor accessory, crystal clear vision in the rain and will ship globally.

We started posting in Facebook in on the 7th January 2016 and have had over 1 million views, over 4000 Likes, over 5000 shares in less than 2 months on our posts on Facebook.

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